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We welcome you to the Anatolia College Digital Archives & Special Collections. The collections feature digital resources that document the institution's culturally rich history beginning in 1886.

The digital collections document Anatolia College’s campus life through three campus relocations. The original campus was in Merzifon, Turkey from 1886 to 1921. At the invitation of the Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos, the campus moved to Charilaou, Greece and reopened in 1924. Anatolia College moved to its current location in Pylea, near Thessaloniki, Greece in 1934:

Why Anatolia? Anatolia is a word of Greek origin meaning sunrise. Turkish Asia Minor is sometimes called Anatolia. The college colors became blue and gold, the blue of the beautiful Anatolia sky and the gold of the radiant Anatolia dawn. Its motto became "Morning Cometh." (E. Stephens, M. Stephens 18-19).

Stephens, E., and Mary Stephens. Survival Against All Odds: The First 100 Years of Anatolia College. New Rochelle, NY: Caratzas, 1986. Print.

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